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Who is Jimi?

Jimi was my beloved pit/lab mix that I found as a stray in downtown Los Angeles skid row. As we know, our pets teach us so many valuable life lessons. Jimi's place in my life was a spiritial gift. He opened my eyes to my lifes work. Jimi passed away from complications from his ACL surgery, November 13th 2007. I chose to honor him. Jimi's Angels rescue is my passion. 


All of these dogs are rescued from high kill shelters in Los Angeles and Kern counties where the euthanatia rate is as high as 85%. Many were never taken to the shelter by their owners... they were picked up on the streets as strays by animal control. Our extraordinary rescue partner "Unity Thrift and Rescue" in Kern County has contributed to these life saving rescue missions.  It takes a small army to save these dogs.            

~ Jimi's Angels ~


Changing the lives

of humans...

one dog at a time.

Shannon at South Central Shelter

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